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The Echizen lacquer float was completed in September 2012, starting with the production of wood, and being decorated with lacquer ware and taking about three years.

Echizen Shikki craftsmen consistently perform all the work from the groundwork such as cloth dressing to the final process such as lacquer work, lacquer work, and wax color.




Echizen lacquer small float

Overall length 1.8m x width 1.1m x height 1.8m

Echizen lacquer float

Overall length 4.1m x width 2.2m x height 3.5m

Echizen lacquer float

Echizen Nuriyama Car Hall


The Echizen Nuriyamasha Kaikan is adjacent to the east side of the Urushi no Sato Kaikan. When you open the door, the light will automatically turn on and you can see it.

If you go up to the second floor from the stairs at the back of the Yamasha Kaikan, you can see the gold leaf roof.



Urushi no Sato Kaikan
~ side
Occupational artificial chamber
East parking lot
Front doorway
The side of the building
1st floor
2nd floor
Echizen lacquer
Doll Float Hall

Highlights of Echizen lacquer floats

The picture below is a part of the design of the Echizen lacquer float.

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